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     “Maybe the problem wasn’t the light, but with my memory. Maybe fireflies’ light wasn’t that bright after all. Was I just imagining it was? Or maybe, when I was a child, the darkness that surrounded me was deeper. I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even recall when I had last seen a firefly.


     When was that, anyway? And where was it?

     I had no idea.

     A long time later, the firefly took off. As if remembering something, it suddenly spread its wings and in the next instant floated up oveer the railing and into the gathering darkness. Trying to win back lost time, perhaps, it quickly traced an arc beside the water tower. It stopped for a moment, just long enough for its trail of light to blur, then flew off toward the east.

     Long after the firefly disappeared, the traces of its light remained within me. In the thick dark behind my closed eyes that faint light, like some lost wandering spirit, continued to roam.

     Again and again I stretched my hand out toward that darkness. But my fingers felt nothing. That tiny glow was always just out of reach.

Excerpt from Firefly By Haruki Murakami (Philip Gabriel translation)

The Vegan Quinoa "Superfood" Demand is Destroying Bolivia



I actually kind of felt like this deserved a post on its own because I think not many people realize that the demand for quinoa, which provides a ridiculously expensive source of all the essential amino acids and central to the “new” vegan diet, is causing near anarchy in Bolivia as the prices get driven up and up.

According to one farmer quoted in the story, “Quinoa was always comida para los Indios [food for Indians.] Today it’s food for the world’s richest.”

Fights over territory previously considered worthless is now being fought over as prime land for growing the new cash crop, and have resulted in kidnappings, injuries, and bombings.

It’s also destroying the environment, since everyone is selling their llamas and planting quinoa instead, which is stripping the soil from overfarming and lack of llama poop for fertilizer.

I’m sick and tired of vegans claiming that their food exists in a vacuum. I mean, are these people THIS far removed from understanding that we all exist in nature? That your stupid fucking quinoa, your excuse to be more militant than ever, more elitist than ever, demanding everyone adhere to your dubious moral convictions, is destroying a country’s economy AND ecosystem? Because of a sudden, insatiable demand for their Indigenous peoples’ food?

Half the world’s quinoa supply is grown in Bolivia.


(Source: a-spoon-is-born)

They tell us that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but I don’t believe that," he said. Then, a moment later, he added: "Oh, the fear is there, all right. It comes to us in many different forms, at different times, and overwhelms us. But the most frightening thing we can do at such times is to turn our backs on it, to close our eyes. For then we take the most precious thing inside us and surrender it to something else. In my case, that something was the wave.
The Seventh Man from Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami
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